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How To Create TikTok Subtitles

Subtitles, Videos December 9, 2021


There are nearly 3 billion users on social media. In a Facebook study, it was reported that up to 85% of people turn off their sound when watching social media videos. So in this blog post, we’ll show you how to create captions for TikTok to ensure you reach those silent viewers.

Now imagine if you could reach everyone on social media, but 85% of them were watching your video with the sound turned off. If they don’t understand your video because they can’t hear what you’re saying, they’ll happily skip it without thinking about it. However, if you have captions, people are less likely to skip them. If you don’t have captions, you’re theoretically missing out on 2.55 billion viewers.

So basically, long story short, not having captions on your video content is one of the worst moves you can make as a social media marketer in 2020.

Now let’s narrow this theory down, obviously, you can’t reach everyone on all social media platforms.

Focus on Tiktok

We’re going to focus on one platform, and we’re going to choose the top app in the UK right now, TikTok. TikTok has been growing at a phenomenal rate, and as of January 2020, it has amassed 400 million daily active users. So even if a small percentage of those 400 million daily active users were consuming a pure video content platform without sound, you’d still be missing out on a lot of potential viewers, fans, and customers.

And I’m not saying that all video content needs subtitles. But if you’re talking or explaining something in a video, captions for that video will help you reach thousands, if not millions, of people. If you know a little bit about TikTok’s algorithm, you should know that getting more people to watch your videos can only be good for you.

How to create subtitles for your TikTok content?

First of all, you can manually create all the subtitles yourself using TikTok’s text editor straight from within the app. You have different style options for the text with a choice between five fonts; Classic, Typewriter, Handwriting, Neon, and Serif. The alignment of the text; Left, Center, and Right. As well as dragging it to the position you want and pinching it to the size you like. Then there’s also color, for the actual text or the text labels.

tiktok subtitle

tiktok subtitle editing

While this is an easy way to do it because you can do it directly within the app and gives you plenty of creative freedom of choice, it is very time-consuming because you have to type out all the text yourself. Also, I have to say that the biggest downside to adding captions directly within TikTok is that you have to manually set the time for each sentence you write out. And doing this with your thumbs on a small screen is a bit of a nightmare.

Try AutoSubtitle Online to easy add subtitles to your TikTok video

#1 Upload your Tiktok video

Record and edit your TikTok as you normally would, saving the subtitles for last. Once you’re all done, head over to the Autosubtitle and upload your video.

#2 Add subtitles to Tiktok video

Here, you can easily add subtitles to your TikToks. The reason I say easy is that once you upload your video to Autosubtitle, all you have to do is click on AutoCaption and it will automatically transcribe everything you say into text and place it at the right time throughout TikTok. So basically, TikTok subtitles.

#3 Customize your Tiktok Subtitles

Using Autosubtitle, just like on TikTok, you can actually customize these subtitles, including font, color, and placement. However, with Autosubtitle, you have more freedom in customizing your subtitles. And the best part is that you don’t have to do it sentence by sentence.

#4 Download your Tiktok video

Once you have placed and customized your subtitles. You can click upload, Autosubtitle will then render the video with your subtitles embedded. You can then take that video and upload it to TikTok with the subtitles.

How To Automatically Extract Subtitles From MKV

Subtitles December 3, 2021

Want to learn how to extract subtitles from .mkv videos in a super fast and easy way? Here is the perfect tutorial for you.

AutoSubtitle’s easy-to-use subtitle and video editor allows you to extract subtitles from MKV; automatically transcribe your audio into subtitles; translate it in different languages, and download it as a .srt or .txt file.

AutoSubtitle is quite powerful. In this tutorial, you will learn how to

  • Extract and download subtitles from your .mkv videos
  • Translate subtitles extracted from MKV into different languages
  • Tips for using subtitles extracted from MKV

Extracting And Editing MKV Subtitles

#1 Go to AutoSubtitle Online, and upload your .MKV video. But before you start use this tool, you should register a free account.

open autosubtitle online platform, and upload mkv video

#2 After you uploaded your MKV video, you need to choose the transcription quality and source language of your MKV video.

choose source language of mkv video

You want to choose the right language and region. The latter is also important because you can have different accents for the same language. For example, US English, in terms of pronouncing words, sounds differently from Australian English.

#3 Start your extraction.

automatically extract subtitles

After you choosed your source language, then click the button “next step“. Only need to wait for a second, the subtitles will be auto generated.

Then you can check and edit at “My Work” tab.

#4 When you check and correct the auto generated subtitles, you can download it. Click the button of the top “Download subtitles”. Then, choose the subtitle format you need. We provides .srt, .txt, and .ass subtitle formats.

download extracted subtitles

Don’t forget, before your download, you need to save the corrected subtitles first.

How To Translate Subtitles Extracted from your MKV video To Different Languages

AutoSubtitle’s powerful subtitle editor can also translate the subtitles you extract from your MKV videos into different languages.

This is especially useful when you have viewers from all over the world watching your videos, especially when a large group of people speak the same foreign language.

#1 Open Autosubtitle Online and upload your .MKV video (just the same as above)

#2 Choose orignal source language

#3 Choose the target translation language

choose translation language

#4 Click “next step” to start subtitle generation.

#5 Edit and correct extracted subtitles.

#6 Save and download bilingual subtitles.

Some Tips On Subtitles Extracted From MKV

1) You can edit subtitles in the editor

edit extract subtitles

Auto-transcription can help you save a lot of time and money that you used to spend on manual transcription services, but it has its limitations.

In particular, if the audio quality is not good, or the words are not pronounced clearly, then the subtitles automatically extracted from your MKV video may not be 100% accurate (they should be mostly accurate).

Of course, you have to change those specific brand names that are difficult to transcribe automatically correctly.

In this case, just edit some subtitles with the editor.

2) Change the styles of your subtitles

change extracted subtitles style

Under SETTINGS, you can change the font, font color, font size, letter spacing and line height to make them appear more visible in the video or to better fit your visual branding guidelines.

You can also play around with the capital letters …… However, I recommend keeping the sentence formatted, as the case of the title may ruin the viewing experience if people have to stop and read each capital letter.

3) Upload your captions on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn respectively to increase reach and engagement

According to recent research, YouTube analyzes your video content by reading subtitles uploaded to the platform as .srt or .txt files.

Helping your video content rank faster and better, which allows you to get regular organic search traffic and therefore a larger audience.

In other words, simply uploading captions for your YouTube videos can help you get more viewers! And if the same principle applies to LinkedIn and Facebook’s algorithms, you should also upload the subtitles in your videos as separate files! That’s why you have subtitles in your videos.

Of course, adding subtitles will make your videos more accessible to those who are hard of hearing or who just prefer to watch them in mute. As a result, you will reach a larger audience!

Automatic Vs. Manual Transcription Service: Which Is Better?

Subtitles November 29, 2021

Maybe you are familiar with transcription, but do you know there are automated transcription and manual transcription? When should we use transcription? And which one is better to use? This article will show you their difference and each advantage.

What is automatic transcription?

automatic transcription - autosubtitle online

In a world where the presentation of information and content is becoming increasingly diverse, it is more important than ever to be able to translate between different media.

The rise of podcasts, video-sharing platforms, and virtual communications means that information is now stored and encoded in a variety of different ways. While beneficial for many reasons, the ability to transcribe video and audio content into text remains valuable for archival, instructional, informational, and other purposes.

Automatic transcription uses voice and sound recognition software to generate a textual presentation of any audio without human intervention. Files are fed into specialized software and a complete transcription is quickly generated.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Transcription for Individuals and Companies

Automated transcription offers a number of key advantages for individuals and companies over manual transcription.


#1 For both individuals and companies, automated transcription can dramatically increase productivity. Whereas manual transcription must be done in real-time, or often much slower, automated tools can transcribe hours of audio in just a few seconds.

#2 Automated transcriptions can be used as a quick search tool for content. Being able to produce a complete transcription in a matter of seconds allows any audio content to be searched with specific keywords and phrases, which is much more effective than having to listen to the entire file. This is helpful for individuals investigating a particular topic or for companies conducting market research on the Web.

#3 Transcription software eliminates the need for companies to invest in staff for the transcription process, saving money and resources in the process.
Automatic transcription is extremely useful for marketing purposes, helping to analyze buyer interests and needs and to monitor interactions between customers and sales representatives.

#4 Automated transcription can also include translation, allowing both engagement and production of materials in any desired language without significant time loss.


#1 Automated transcription will never be as effective as manual transcription. No matter how advanced the software is, small errors will occur. For individuals, this may not be a problem, as most errors can be understood or corrected on a case-by-case basis. For companies trying to archive material or analyze specific data, this may be unacceptable.

#2 Some transcription programs must be rented or purchased from software vendors. For some, this cost may outweigh the benefits of speed and efficiency.

What is manual transcription?

manual transcription - autosubtitle online

Manual transcription is a text version of audio or video material that is actively listened to and written or typed by a person.

Because a person is doing the transcription, they must listen to the content in real-time. Even then, the transcription can only be done as fast as a person can hear, understand and write what is being said.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Transcription for Individuals and Companies

As with automatic transcription, manual transcription has its own advantages and disadvantages for both individuals and commercial enterprises.


#1 Artificial transcription involves human interpretation. This means that errors inherent in automatic transcription by computer programs are minimized or completely corrected. Tones and emphasis that are not visible to speech recognition software can also be obtained through manual transcription.

#2 For individuals, manual transcription can be a useful means of learning new information, as transcription has been shown to improve memory and retention in the short and long term.


#1 Manual transcription is much slower than automated transcription. In the time it takes one person to transcribe a page of text, specialized software can analyze and transcribe dozens or tens of times more with only minor errors.

#2 Manual transcription services would incur unacceptably large expenses. Companies that rely on bulk transcription would be at a distinct disadvantage, having to rely on paid personnel to operate at a slower rate than they can read.

#3 For individuals working on academic or work projects, having to manually transcribe something would take away time that could be spent on research or improving other areas.

#4 People trying to find specific audio clips or snippets of information are hampered by having to rely on manual transcriptions. Indexing a complete document by hand can take hours, whereas an automated transcription will produce a complete and searchable text in a short amount of time.

#5 Manual transcription is done on paper or in a word processor. Even those who can recognize and understand speech quickly may be hindered by poor typing skills or poor manual dexterity.

Why choose automatic transcription over manual?

While both methods have their advantages, it should be clear from these comparisons that automated transcription has distinct advantages over manual solutions.

First, automatic transcription is much faster than manual transcription. Manual transcription is limited in time by an individual’s writing or typing skills. Transcription programs are limited only by the speed of their software and work exponentially faster.

Transcription software is much less costly for large operations associated with commercial enterprises or marketing applications. In an enterprise environment, manual transcription takes a lot of time and money but still cannot match the speed of dedicated software.

Want to add some royalty-free music to your video? Free use this free music download tool.

free music download tool

How to Make Educational Videos Accessible: A Comprehensive Guide for Educators

Videos November 12, 2021

Learning how to make educational videos accessible is a great way for teachers to engage their students. The video accessibility of these educational resources will ensure that those with disabilities can enjoy the same experiences as everyone else.

From children born with autism, ADHD or dyslexia, to adults looking for continuing education credits or workers who need a skills refresher after certification – video content offers opportunities that many other mediums cannot.

Educational video content can play an important role in personal growth; they enable learners of all ages to learn about old and new topics from a variety of perspectives. However, these videos are often difficult to access by learners with disabilities or other barriers that prevent them from using them as a learning resource.

This blog post discusses how to make educational videos accessible so that people with disabilities can access educational content on the same level as their peers.

The Importance of Video in Education

A video is worth a thousand words. And frankly, it does say more than any other medium, making it a great learning tool for parents and educators.

This is because the way information is shared in video content appeals to children and adults alike. It’s a way to learn things and teach life lessons. Video can be used by educators to teach and educate others in a variety of ways, not just by watching it in and of itself.

how to make educational videos accessible

Helps the Disabilities

For people with disabilities, video content can serve as an important platform not only for education but also for socialization. It provides the opportunity to learn from different perspectives, allowing them to see what is being taught, not just read it.

Educational video content allows learners to process information in whatever way best suits them (e.g., auditory or visual). Thus, through video accessibility, they have more choice in how they wish to learn and process the information, which allows them to engage and retain the information.

In addition, video accessibility gives learners the opportunity to turn what might be perceived as a barrier into an opportunity, especially when open-mindedness and creativity are allowed into learning (i.e., immersion). This can only help to advance education and make the movement for accessible education for all widely available.

Ensuring that videos are accessible allows those who are unable to participate in real-life activities or classes due to disabilities, geographic barriers, etc. (e.g., students/workers who are on vacation or on a business trip) to benefit from the content anyway.

Recorded videos also enable them to learn at their own pace so that they can catch up later when unforeseen circumstances require them to leave work or school temporarily. Therefore, learning how to make educational videos accessible can help provide equal opportunities for peers and classmates, no matter what level they are at.

Decrease Education Cost & Expand Educated Group

Many institutions like colleges and universities use video in their educational programs because it piques students’ interest in studying a particular topic or subject.

Online education is also on the rise. There is no doubt how popular videos and tutorials based on focused teaching objectives can help pave the way for accessible education, as well as create engaging and digestible learning videos on a global scale.

Video accessibility is about inclusion

Accessibility means providing opportunities for people with disabilities so that they do not feel excluded because of physical, economic (i.e., lack of resources) or attitudinal (i.e., discrimination) barriers. Using video as a tool for accessible education allows people to learn at their own pace, without being limited by any of these barriers.

It is no wonder that many agencies such as the U.S. Department of Education (ED) have implemented online accessibility policies through guidelines and websites such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). And, because the video is accessible, it’s a way for them to reach a larger audience that can benefit from their resources.

Tips on How to Make Educational Videos Accessible

#1 subtitles

Adding video captions makes the video readable for everyone watching it. Captions convey what is being said in the video and make it easier for people to understand the message being conveyed.

It is important to use the best caption font for your video, with text that is large enough to scan and that appears on the screen long enough to give viewers time to read portions of the transcript.

Adding captions also help people who are learning how to read develop fundamental reading skills. Most educational videos already have subtitles or closed captioning included, but if there aren’t any, adding them yourself is very easy!

All you need is a subtitle generator that you can use for free or for a reasonable fee. Once that is done, you’ll learn how to make educational videos accessible to all who need them!

Add subtitles to your educational video

#2 Audio Description

Descriptive audio provides additional narration to video content so that people with visual impairments can understand what is being said. It can also help students who learn better through listening because it portrays in their minds how the narrator describes things.

Descriptive audio makes video content more engaging and exciting because they are no longer passive listeners, but active listeners.

Adding a descriptive narrator is as simple as hiring a narrator who will describe what is happening on the screen so that the viewer can better understand it. This may take up more time, but it will ensure that the video is accessible to everyone!

It is important to note that not all blind or visually impaired people use descriptive audio – if they do not, making educational video accessible to them requires making the video content available in other ways, such as using screen-reading software.

Examples of screen-reading software include JAWS, ZoomText, and WindowEyes, which read aloud or present information on the computer screen in different ways.

#3 Captions

Captions allow people with hearing impairments to read along with the video as they watch it. Subtitles convey the dialogue and other sounds in the video, making it easier for people to understand the content.

Creating educational content with captions is very easy. There are many tools and applications online that allow you to add captions to your videos, such as Autosubtitle Online.

This site offers affordable services to help spread accessible education by helping your learning videos reach their audience and make them easier to understand!

#4 Translation

The translation is the use of audio dubbing or text transcription to understand content in other languages. Adding a translator is easy – all you need to do is select a language that needs to be translated and then use a professional translation service to improve the accessibility of your video.

#5 Learn how to make educational videos accessible with an alternative text

Alternative text provides additional information when there is no voice in the video. Or when someone is narrating over an image or scene in the background, the alternative text helps supplement it

It can also provide more detailed information about the image to get a sense of how things look, even if they can’t see the picture. Adding alt-text is another easy way to make video accessible. This will help make educational accessibility of video formats easier as it will help to better understand the context of the video!

#6 Provide additional information to supplement the content in the video

Adding additional information is one of the best ways to ensure the accessibility of your videos. This is because it allows you to add links and more detailed information so that people can find out more about the things mentioned in the educational video.

It also provides a context when needed so that viewers have the necessary background knowledge before watching certain parts of the video. This is especially useful if the video covers something complex or covers several different topics.

This additional information is added through “annotations”. This is done by creating new text based on the existing voiceover or adding it elsewhere on the screen.

There are several ways to make this information easily accessible. One way is to make sure the annotations are visible for a certain amount of time so that the viewer has enough time to look at them; another way is to create a text description for each annotation

Adding annotations makes it easier for people to understand what is being said in the video and makes the annotations readable for people watching with closed captioning or subtitles.

#7 Make use of transcripts or sign language interpretation

Adding a transcript or a sign language interpreter allows you to make sure your content is accessible to everyone. It makes it easier for people to understand what is being said in the video at any given time, or how someone is describing the image they are seeing!

While the transcript is displayed below the video, the sign language translation can be added as captions at the bottom of the video or as text that is synchronized with the sign language clip.

If done correctly, then anyone who can’t hear the content can more easily understand your video by providing more information in the sign language clip!

How to use subtitles to learn a foreign language

Subtitles November 11, 2021

Since an explicit goal of language learning is to have the option of understanding the locals, it is important to be aware of real media and the discourse of the locals. For beginners, this is often overly challenging. Fortunately, subtitling makes this kind of content conceivable even for amateurs. You can decide to make captioned content as easy or challenging as you need it to be, so it’s ideal for everyone.

If you want to make your viewing easy, you can basically view as you watch – it’s that simple! If you want a more noteworthy or greater challenge, you can deliberately turn off or ignore the subtitles for a limited time. You can focus on the language of communication while realizing that if you need help, the subtitles are right there hanging on tight for you.

In addition, watching captioned content is an easy way to transition to observing only in the target language. If you haven’t observed a lot of authentic content before, you’re likely to be overwhelmed, regardless of whether you’ve been learning the language for a considerable amount of time.

If you start by watching captioned content, you can get the right stuff you need to understand real speech in a more stable, less intimidating, and very interesting context. Likewise, you can choose between subtitles in the local language or subtitles in the target language.

How Subtitles Help in Learning a Foreign Language

#1 Grow your vocabulary

Perhaps the greatest benefit of watching foreign films is the insight you gain into the growth of the language. However, not only will you gain proficiency with unique conversational expressions and spoken arrangements, but you will also encounter them in context.

Often, this can be difficult to dominate and requires time spent bantering with others who communicate in that language. Watching foreign films with subtitles can speed up this learning process.

#2 Subtitles Increase Reading Speed and Listening Comprehension

use subtitles to learn a foreign language
Pic cr.TechNorm

Being able to understand and organize what you see and hear is perhaps the most difficult part of learning another dialect. When locals speak, the sound units of speech connect quickly and are often undefined to the untrained ear.

Unlike language learning applications or unknown dialect courses, movies with subtitles play at a similar speed to typical conversations. For new dialect learners, this may feel fast. The benefit of this is that it will expand your listening awareness and help improve your reading speed.

#3 Visual Nature of Movies Adds an Extra Impact

Movies play an important role in learning another dialect. The visual component of the movie helps support listening comprehension while reviewing vocabulary. In addition to new vocabulary, you can relate to it through visuals.

This means that people can learn more when watching a movie with subtitles than when simply paying attention to the sound. Another part of the visual idea of the film is the inspiration it brings to language learning students. When contrasted with flipping through to form a cheat sheet, movies feel like a treat.

#4 Subtitles Improve Word Recognition and Grammar

While you may know a way to say regular words like lunch or hotel, the movie opens your eyes to new ways of expressing them. Some of them may be more normal than the regular words you’ve learned. In what way? Often, unfamiliar movies use less formal slang that is normal among native speakers.

Reading subtitles is an incredible way for viewers to grow their jargon. Reading subtitles while they are playing on the screen also further improves grammar. Use the opportunity to take a breather and stop to examine the subtitles on the screen. This helps language learners distinguish and understand verb types, tenses, and phrases. Seeing another dialect in this on-the-fly manner promotes better comprehension.

In conclusion

Subtitles in foreign dialects are mostly a more powerful exam aid than subtitles in the local language. If you are a beginner, you will likely need subtitles in the local language from the beginning until you reach a point where you can adapt to having both the soundtrack and the subtitles in an unknown dialect.

If you’re watching a movie, TV show, or some other material featuring an unknown dialect, it’s better to have subtitles than no subtitles at all. Two other adaptations are conversion captioning, where the unknown dialect captions appear with the local language soundtrack, and double captioning, where the unknown dialect soundtrack appears with both unfamiliar and local language captions.

Your choice of subtitles may change over time as your unknown dialect abilities develop. Again, different people tend to have different subtitles, so try to perceive what works for you.

The primary concern you should have regarding learning is to expand the amount of time you spend absorbing material in your unknown dialect. Therefore, when choosing which subtitles to use, choose ones that increase your inspiration to watch things in your unknown dialect, because the more material you watch, the more you will learn.

4 Digital Transformation Trends in Education in 2021

Others August 13, 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated some existing trends in the digital transformation of education. The good news is that even before students were stymied, 60 percent of students believed that digital learning technologies improved their performance, and one in five of those students said that digital learning technologies “significantly” improved their performance

McGraw Hill’s Digital Learning Trends Survey.

The impact of technology trends in education

Even before the coronavirus crisis, digital technology was transforming education at an incredible pace. All stages of the learning process have changed dramatically due to digitalization. These trends can be harnessed to help students who are suddenly thrust into distance learning.

Traditional classrooms, printed books, and “one-size-fits-all” approaches to learning are now a thing of the past. Modern universities are adopting more and more innovative digital solutions to improve the student learning experience.

Let’s have a look at which digital trends in 2021 will affect education.

#Gamification & game-based learning

What was a dream for many 10 years ago is becoming more and more common – playing games as part of the learning journey. And it’s not limited to schools; you can see how universities and businesses are using games for education as well.

Textbook reading is often criticized as a passive method of learning that requires mostly memorization. The game element in education aims to promote active learning through experimentation and competition.

Gamification refers to simply adding game elements (leaderboards, badges, point ranking systems) to traditional learning methods, while game-based learning is learning by playing games.

CodeCombat is a good example of game-based learning. It is designed to teach you how to code while playing an RPG game. It is no surprise that this game is so popular among beginning coders in the US.

Duolingo is an example of the gamification of the learning process. Duolingo makes learning a new language fun by introducing game elements that are not only entertaining but also motivate you to try harder.

Part of the reason for Duolingo’s success is that it relies on microlearning – another trend in education. Microlearning refers to learning in short periods of time, rather than long periods of time. This type of learning is not only effective, but it fits the digital age – you decide when to learn.

Learning a new language on public transportation would have been unthinkable 50 years ago, but today it’s not a big deal.

#Audiovisual media

Text-based content is not necessarily dead, and students are still being asked to read a lot.

However, visual content is replacing and increasingly replacing, textbook reading.

Professors are already showing movies and YouTube videos in their lectures. And …… The lectures themselves are beginning to be recorded.

audio visual class-digital trends in 2021

#Remote learning

This trend has been around for a long time and is becoming bigger than ever. Lectures are being recorded, seminars are not mandatory, all homework materials are available online, and the list goes on and on …

Flexibility is a continuing trend in learning, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Whether e-learning will completely replace traditional learning in the future remains to be seen.

remote learning-digital trends in education

#Peer-to-peer learning / social learning

In the past few years, the social component of learning has gained widespread attention. Group-based projects have become an important part of many courses in universities.

What does this have to do with digital? Student portals, as well as social media channels, are used to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and collaboration among students. This is accomplished through the creation of specific forums, Facebook groups, etc.

Want to add automatic subtitles to your educational video? Try our AutoSubtitle Online.

How can I add subtitles to a Movie?

Videos July 30, 2021

Watching movies or short videos has become a daily activity in our life for a long time. But have you realized that most of the videos or movies we watched have subtitles or captions? Subtitles or captions only occupy a little bit of space on a video, but you cannot ignore them, especially since the video plays foreign languages. So you know, even though subtitles seem not so conspicuous, they still have a vital role in a video or movie. If you want to learn how to add subtitles to a movie, this article can teach you one by one.

How to get subtitles?

Before we introduce how to add subtitles to a movie, we have to know how to get movie subtitles, right? Here are 2 ways for you to get the subtitles of a movie.

Method 1: Download subtitles from subtitle websites

There are a lot of subtitle downloads tools. If you want to know more details, maybe this article can help you.

FYI: Best 10 websites to download subtitles

Website list:

  1. Addic7ed
  2. Animetosho
  3. Fiverr (Old web-AniSubs)
  4. CD Japan
  5. iSubtitles
  6. *Kitsunekho
  7. *OpenSubtitles
  8. SubDb
  9. Subscene

Method 2: Auto-generate subtitles for your videos

Except for some famous movies which can easily find and download subtitles, there still are many movies or series that can not find original language subtitles, not to mention the foreign subtitles. Therefore, it arises many auto subtitle generators in the market. These auto subtitle generators help to generate subtitles or captions become easy and convenient.

Auto subtitle generator recommends in this article.

FYI: Top 5 free subtitle tools for video in 2021

  1. AutoSubtitle
  2. Sonix
  3. Kapwing
  4. VEED
  5. Checksub

How to add subtitles to a movie or video

When you already get the subtitles, the next step is to add subtitles to your movie. By the way, if you have already used the auto subtitle generator, you don’t need to do this step. Because almost automatic subtitle tools will embed the generated subtitles into your videos automated.

Adding subtitles to a movie also has many methods. Here we only introduce 2 popular ways.

  1. Adding subtitles by YouTube
  2. Adding Manual Subtitles by AutoSubtitle Online

Add subtitles by Youtube

It is known worldwide that YouTube can generate and add subtitles to videos. If you want to add subtitles to a movie, you can choose YouTube. It is easy to use and free.

First, you need a YouTube account. Move your mouse on the icon “🎦”, and then click the button “Upload video”.

add subtitles to a movie-youtube
Step 1-Find the upload button

After you click the button, you will see the following interface, drag and drop your movie.

drag and drop video
step 2- upload video

Next, you only need to wait for the YouTube system to proceed. If your movie is too long, this step will take a bit longer. When the “Checks” on the timeline turns to “✅”, you can go on “Next“.

waiting youtube proceed.
step 3-waiting for uploading finished

Hooray~Uploading finished. You can go on and see this screenshot. Click the first row “Add subtitles”, and then “ADD“.

Choose Add subtitles
step 4-choose “Add subtitles”

And “Next” to go on. You will see the picture below. Then choose the option “Upload file”.

upload srt file to youtube
step 5- upload SRT file

After this step, all steps to add subtitles to a movie have been done. If you want to change subtitle content, you can also edit on this page.

Add Subtitles by Autosubtitle Online

Not like YouTube, Autosubtitle Online is quite easy to add subtitles to a movie. It only needs 3 steps.

First, you have to own an account on Autosubtitle Online. This step is the same as YouTube.

Then, click the button “Manual” on the Platform page. And you will see the picture below.

Autosubtitle Manual Subtitle Platform
Autosubtitle Manual Subtitle Platform

Next, upload your movie and then upload the SRT file.

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Top 10 Websites to Free Download Anime Subtitles

Subtitles July 22, 2021

Subtitles can sometimes be distracting, but there is no denying that anime English subtitles are the best way to properly understand videos in different languages. To watch your favorite anime series, you need to download anime subtitles. The idea behind anime subtitles is not to bind anime series in different languages.

In this article, you will learn about some of the websites where you can download free anime subtitles in English and Japanese. When the dubbed version of your favorite anime series is not available, you just need to put the subtitles to work. Let’s delve into this article and find some exciting sites to download anime subtitles.

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Best 10 websites to free download Anime subtitles

Here is a list of some amazing sites that have all the anime subtitles you can currently download. The best part of this guide is that it not only provides you with anime English subtitles but also the entire anime series you can download and watch.

Website lists: <Listed in alphabetical order>

  1. Addic7ed
  2. Animetosho
  3. Fiverr (Old web-AniSubs)
  4. CD Japan
  5. iSubtitles
  6. *Kitsunekho
  7. *OpenSubtitles
  8. SubDb
  9. Subscene

1. Addic7ed

As the name suggests, you may be addicted to this site because it has a wide collection of downloadable subtitles. You can download subtitles on this site by clicking on the series name and there will be many different subtitle files available for download in many languages. There are many languages supported such as Japanese, English, Arabic, and more to download subtitles.

download free anime subtitles-addic7ed

Note: I tried, it is a quite good way to download series subtitles.

2. Animetosho

Animetosho is an old-school site, but the information here is huge and can be shared. The site has a huge library of anime series, and you can download entire anime series with all subtitles on a torrent/magnet. You can download the files and all the subtitle files are contained in the same file.

animetosho-free subtitle downloads

Note: Though it has a new version, it is no big difference.

3. Fiverr (Uesd to be named AniSubs)

This site is devoted exclusively to downloading subtitles for anime. And you can find a large number of subtitle files here absolutely free. You can simply click on the name of the anime series and then click on the download button to open the file directly to Google Drive or download the file to your computer. This site has subtitles in several languages, depending on the type and genre of the anime series.

Anisubs - closed
Old site closed

New site- fiverr
New Site

Note: The new site and new version are not so good at all. But it still provides subtitle service. It can be a backup site maybe.

4. CD Japan

This is a multi-ethnic site that covers a niche of music, lifestyle, anime, clothing, and more. There is a lot of content on this site and if you want to download anime subtitles then you may want to use the search bar or look for the anime tab on the menu. There is many multilingual anime series on this site.


Note: It has various resources, but now most of them need to pay.

5. iSubtitles

iSubtitles can free download subtitles for your favorite anime series and movies. The site looks simple and has a search bar to look up and get results. The subtitles here are available in different languages, from Arabic to Parsi, from English to Japanese. The subtitle files are very easy to download as you just need to click on the anime series name and all the formats and languages will be provided to you.


Note: This site includes a few bits of ads. This may annoy you somehow. And some of the series only have a few language subtitles to download.

6. Kitsunekho

This is one of the best sites for downloading anime subtitles in different languages for free. The easy-to-use interface lets you choose from several options and series online. You can simply click on the series name and download the subtitle file with just one click. One can download subtitles in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean without having to look deeper for language options. All subtitles are aggregated by genre and language.

quite simple interface-free download anime subtitles

7. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is one of the topmost subtitle websites where you can find all the latest as well old subtitles in multi-languages. The site is very normal in terms of the interface and looks like an old school website however the archives are huge. You can easily free download anime subtitles from this website by clicking on the anime or series name and click on the download option. It might ask you simple questions or to fill the captcha as a standard security check but that will be smooth.


8. SubDb

SubDb is an open-source, free website with a huge database of subtitles. Being an open-source site, it is a peer-to-peer network where uploading and downloading are done by the users themselves. This site has subtitles in different languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and many more. You can download these subtitles only if you know how to run the API on your system.

9. Subscene

If you are looking for both movies and anime, then Subscene is a great site for downloading subtitles. One can easily download anime subtitles by searching for their favorite series on the search bar and clicking on it to get the download option. There is no language barrier on this site as almost all the languages are covered. The best part is that when you click on the name of a series, your screen will be filled with random subtitles in many different languages.


If you are looking for videos, software, and subtitles at the same time, then is a great site where you can download subtitles in different languages. The concept of this site is also useful for users where people upload content and consume it. People can easily download subtitles by clicking on the download button on the site.

How to embed subtitles to your Anime

After you download the subtitles, if you want to embed them into your videos, next is to find a tool to add subtitles to your anime. Autosubtitle Online has both auto-subtitle and manual subtitle services. Auto-generated subtitles function is a paid function. But the manual subtitle function is totally free. Only need 4 simple steps you can embed downloaded anime subtitles to your anime.

Step 1: Create an account on Autosubtitle Online

Step 2: Click the nav-Manual, then you can see this interface.

autosubtitle online- free add subtitles
Autosubtitle Online-Manual Adding Subtitles

Step 3: Follow the instruction-upload your video first, and then upload the subtitle files.

Step 4: Export the subtitled anime series.

In Conclusion

Finding free download anime subtitles is not so difficult. The listed websites are just for your reference. Which one you want to choose is up to you. Anyway, if you want to add subtitles to your videos, or you cannot find subtitles, you can truly rely on Autosubtitle Online.

How Do I Download Auto Generated Subtitles?

Others April 9, 2021

Most video makers know that YouTube and Facebook both have auto subtitles/captions function. But do you know how to download the auto generated subtitles? The following words will introduce 5 online subtitle download tools for video makers.

1. SubDown

This online subtitle download web is new to the subtitle download market. And it is totally free. Users can download auto generated subtitles that are created from YouTube or Facebook Auto-Caption. SubDown generates and downloads subtitle files for videos from YouTube, Vlive, Viki, Hotstar, and many others.

subdown-download auto generated subtitles

Its process is quite simple and easy. You just need to enter the URL of the video into the block, then click the “Download” button. While this is more about getting subtitles from videos than specific than entire movies or TV shows, if that movie or show happens to be on YouTube then this could be the best way to get subs for it.

2. Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker is special from other subtitle downloads. Rather than having its own collection of contributed subtitles (by site users), this site pulls in and combines results from over twenty subtitle download sites. It’s very comprehensive, and this makes it the best place to go if you can find your desired subtitles elsewhere.

subtitle seeker

The good thing about Subtitle Seeker is it’s a simple, user-friendly interface, but this web tool has too many ads. This hits the user experience.

3. VLC

Not technically a web tool, but given that VLC is the most widely used video player on PCs and isn’t filled with oft-annoying ads like many other websites tend to be, it worths mentioning.

vlc-video player

Yes, using VLC you can download subtitles straight into whatever movie you’re watching at that moment. With the movie open, simply click View at the top of the VLC window, then click VLsub and search for that movie’s subtitles from there.

4. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles has one of the biggest databases for subtitles on the Internet. The website is available in multiple languages, and you’re likely to find subtitles in any language. It also has a great search tool that lets you filter your searches by year, country, type/genre, season, or episode. Their advanced search tool is among the best you’ll find online.

5. English Subtitles

English Subtitles has a repository of subtitles for thousands of movies from around the world, and from all eras. You’ll almost certainly find the subtitles you need for recent blockbusters and may have some joy in finding subtitles for obscure French films from the 60s too.

By the way, if you want to auto generate subtitles by yourself, AutoSubtitle Online is a good choice. It has free trial. And also, it has the best price in the subtitle market.

>>Auto Generated Subtitles Tool Function And Price Comparison

How to add subtitles by using auto subtitle generator-Autosubtitle Online

Subtitles April 2, 2021

Subtitles are an important component of high-quality video productions:

“The most important thing is that we deliver the same high quality to our customers that Boris Grundl would deliver to you in person. Subtitles are part of that.”

In the past, many subtitle groups made attempts to create subtitles by their own part-time staff. It turned out that creating high-quality subtitles is an extremely time-consuming process. Further, subtitle creation requires expertise and technical know-how.

Not only the video content needs to be transcribed – which in itself takes a lot of time – but it also needs to be formatted and time-stamped. After hours spent trying to create high-quality subtitles for a video, Hummel’s team knew they would need professional help.

“Speed, quality, and reliability were very important to us. We need to be sure the subtitles meet the quality standards of our video production.”

Using Autosubtitle online to help make subtitles

Autosubtitle Online, an online automatic subtitle generator, can help traditional subtitle groups to add subtitles to videos more quickly and efficiently.

Don’t know how to use an auto subtitle generator? Look! Here is a step-by-step guide.

First, you should have a free account on

After you registered, an account activation email will be sent to your registered email address. Then, you only need to copy the account code and paste it into your sign-in page.

And next, you will enter AutoSubtitle platform. Click the upload icon or paste your ready-to-transcription video URL.

After this, you need to choose the original video languages for auto transcription. If needed, you can choose translation subtitle language as well. But don’t worry, Autosubtitle’s auto-translation service is totally free.

After all settings, you need to wait for a few moments. How long you have to wait is up to the time of your video. But if you don’t want to stare at the generating pages, you can circle the choice “Please email me after the video finished”.

When the transcription finished, you can proofread and edit the subtitles. Also, you can change the subtitle display color, size, background, and the video size and background.

After all things are done, the last step is to save and export your auto subtitled video. Please note that Autosubtitle supports subtitle files download and transcription video download respectively.

In a word, using an auto subtitle generator to creating subtitles is an efficient and cost-saving method.

Know price of Autosubtitle Online. Please click here.

auto subtitle generator