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How to use subtitles to learn a foreign language

Subtitles November 11, 2021

Since an explicit goal of language learning is to have the option of understanding the locals, it is important to be aware of real media and the discourse of the locals. For beginners, this is often overly challenging. Fortunately, subtitling makes this kind of content conceivable even for amateurs. You can decide to make captioned content as easy or challenging as you need it to be, so it’s ideal for everyone.

If you want to make your viewing easy, you can basically view as you watch – it’s that simple! If you want a more noteworthy or greater challenge, you can deliberately turn off or ignore the subtitles for a limited time. You can focus on the language of communication while realizing that if you need help, the subtitles are right there hanging on tight for you.

In addition, watching captioned content is an easy way to transition to observing only in the target language. If you haven’t observed a lot of authentic content before, you’re likely to be overwhelmed, regardless of whether you’ve been learning the language for a considerable amount of time.

If you start by watching captioned content, you can get the right stuff you need to understand real speech in a more stable, less intimidating, and very interesting context. Likewise, you can choose between subtitles in the local language or subtitles in the target language.

How Subtitles Help in Learning a Foreign Language

#1 Grow your vocabulary

Perhaps the greatest benefit of watching foreign films is the insight you gain into the growth of the language. However, not only will you gain proficiency with unique conversational expressions and spoken arrangements, but you will also encounter them in context.

Often, this can be difficult to dominate and requires time spent bantering with others who communicate in that language. Watching foreign films with subtitles can speed up this learning process.

#2 Subtitles Increase Reading Speed and Listening Comprehension

use subtitles to learn a foreign language
Pic cr.TechNorm

Being able to understand and organize what you see and hear is perhaps the most difficult part of learning another dialect. When locals speak, the sound units of speech connect quickly and are often undefined to the untrained ear.

Unlike language learning applications or unknown dialect courses, movies with subtitles play at a similar speed to typical conversations. For new dialect learners, this may feel fast. The benefit of this is that it will expand your listening awareness and help improve your reading speed.

#3 Visual Nature of Movies Adds an Extra Impact

Movies play an important role in learning another dialect. The visual component of the movie helps support listening comprehension while reviewing vocabulary. In addition to new vocabulary, you can relate to it through visuals.

This means that people can learn more when watching a movie with subtitles than when simply paying attention to the sound. Another part of the visual idea of the film is the inspiration it brings to language learning students. When contrasted with flipping through to form a cheat sheet, movies feel like a treat.

#4 Subtitles Improve Word Recognition and Grammar

While you may know a way to say regular words like lunch or hotel, the movie opens your eyes to new ways of expressing them. Some of them may be more normal than the regular words you’ve learned. In what way? Often, unfamiliar movies use less formal slang that is normal among native speakers.

Reading subtitles is an incredible way for viewers to grow their jargon. Reading subtitles while they are playing on the screen also further improves grammar. Use the opportunity to take a breather and stop to examine the subtitles on the screen. This helps language learners distinguish and understand verb types, tenses, and phrases. Seeing another dialect in this on-the-fly manner promotes better comprehension.

In conclusion

Subtitles in foreign dialects are mostly a more powerful exam aid than subtitles in the local language. If you are a beginner, you will likely need subtitles in the local language from the beginning until you reach a point where you can adapt to having both the soundtrack and the subtitles in an unknown dialect.

If you’re watching a movie, TV show, or some other material featuring an unknown dialect, it’s better to have subtitles than no subtitles at all. Two other adaptations are conversion captioning, where the unknown dialect captions appear with the local language soundtrack, and double captioning, where the unknown dialect soundtrack appears with both unfamiliar and local language captions.

Your choice of subtitles may change over time as your unknown dialect abilities develop. Again, different people tend to have different subtitles, so try to perceive what works for you.

The primary concern you should have regarding learning is to expand the amount of time you spend absorbing material in your unknown dialect. Therefore, when choosing which subtitles to use, choose ones that increase your inspiration to watch things in your unknown dialect, because the more material you watch, the more you will learn.

Top 10 Websites to Free Download Anime Subtitles

Subtitles July 22, 2021

Subtitles can sometimes be distracting, but there is no denying that anime English subtitles are the best way to properly understand videos in different languages. To watch your favorite anime series, you need to download anime subtitles. The idea behind anime subtitles is not to bind anime series in different languages.

In this article, you will learn about some of the websites where you can download free anime subtitles in English and Japanese. When the dubbed version of your favorite anime series is not available, you just need to put the subtitles to work. Let’s delve into this article and find some exciting sites to download anime subtitles.

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Best 10 websites to free download Anime subtitles

Here is a list of some amazing sites that have all the anime subtitles you can currently download. The best part of this guide is that it not only provides you with anime English subtitles but also the entire anime series you can download and watch.

Website lists: <Listed in alphabetical order>

  1. Addic7ed
  2. Animetosho
  3. Fiverr (Old web-AniSubs)
  4. CD Japan
  5. iSubtitles
  6. *Kitsunekho
  7. *OpenSubtitles
  8. SubDb
  9. Subscene

1. Addic7ed

As the name suggests, you may be addicted to this site because it has a wide collection of downloadable subtitles. You can download subtitles on this site by clicking on the series name and there will be many different subtitle files available for download in many languages. There are many languages supported such as Japanese, English, Arabic, and more to download subtitles.

download free anime subtitles-addic7ed

Note: I tried, it is a quite good way to download series subtitles.

2. Animetosho

Animetosho is an old-school site, but the information here is huge and can be shared. The site has a huge library of anime series, and you can download entire anime series with all subtitles on a torrent/magnet. You can download the files and all the subtitle files are contained in the same file.

animetosho-free subtitle downloads

Note: Though it has a new version, it is no big difference.

3. Fiverr (Uesd to be named AniSubs)

This site is devoted exclusively to downloading subtitles for anime. And you can find a large number of subtitle files here absolutely free. You can simply click on the name of the anime series and then click on the download button to open the file directly to Google Drive or download the file to your computer. This site has subtitles in several languages, depending on the type and genre of the anime series.

Anisubs - closed
Old site closed

New site- fiverr
New Site

Note: The new site and new version are not so good at all. But it still provides subtitle service. It can be a backup site maybe.

4. CD Japan

This is a multi-ethnic site that covers a niche of music, lifestyle, anime, clothing, and more. There is a lot of content on this site and if you want to download anime subtitles then you may want to use the search bar or look for the anime tab on the menu. There is many multilingual anime series on this site.


Note: It has various resources, but now most of them need to pay.

5. iSubtitles

iSubtitles can free download subtitles for your favorite anime series and movies. The site looks simple and has a search bar to look up and get results. The subtitles here are available in different languages, from Arabic to Parsi, from English to Japanese. The subtitle files are very easy to download as you just need to click on the anime series name and all the formats and languages will be provided to you.


Note: This site includes a few bits of ads. This may annoy you somehow. And some of the series only have a few language subtitles to download.

6. Kitsunekho

This is one of the best sites for downloading anime subtitles in different languages for free. The easy-to-use interface lets you choose from several options and series online. You can simply click on the series name and download the subtitle file with just one click. One can download subtitles in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean without having to look deeper for language options. All subtitles are aggregated by genre and language.

quite simple interface-free download anime subtitles

7. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is one of the topmost subtitle websites where you can find all the latest as well old subtitles in multi-languages. The site is very normal in terms of the interface and looks like an old school website however the archives are huge. You can easily free download anime subtitles from this website by clicking on the anime or series name and click on the download option. It might ask you simple questions or to fill the captcha as a standard security check but that will be smooth.


8. SubDb

SubDb is an open-source, free website with a huge database of subtitles. Being an open-source site, it is a peer-to-peer network where uploading and downloading are done by the users themselves. This site has subtitles in different languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and many more. You can download these subtitles only if you know how to run the API on your system.

9. Subscene

If you are looking for both movies and anime, then Subscene is a great site for downloading subtitles. One can easily download anime subtitles by searching for their favorite series on the search bar and clicking on it to get the download option. There is no language barrier on this site as almost all the languages are covered. The best part is that when you click on the name of a series, your screen will be filled with random subtitles in many different languages.


If you are looking for videos, software, and subtitles at the same time, then is a great site where you can download subtitles in different languages. The concept of this site is also useful for users where people upload content and consume it. People can easily download subtitles by clicking on the download button on the site.

How to embed subtitles to your Anime

After you download the subtitles, if you want to embed them into your videos, next is to find a tool to add subtitles to your anime. Autosubtitle Online has both auto-subtitle and manual subtitle services. Auto-generated subtitles function is a paid function. But the manual subtitle function is totally free. Only need 4 simple steps you can embed downloaded anime subtitles to your anime.

Step 1: Create an account on Autosubtitle Online

Step 2: Click the nav-Manual, then you can see this interface.

autosubtitle online- free add subtitles
Autosubtitle Online-Manual Adding Subtitles

Step 3: Follow the instruction-upload your video first, and then upload the subtitle files.

Step 4: Export the subtitled anime series.

In Conclusion

Finding free download anime subtitles is not so difficult. The listed websites are just for your reference. Which one you want to choose is up to you. Anyway, if you want to add subtitles to your videos, or you cannot find subtitles, you can truly rely on Autosubtitle Online.

How to add subtitles by using auto subtitle generator-Autosubtitle Online

Subtitles April 2, 2021

Subtitles are an important component of high-quality video productions:

“The most important thing is that we deliver the same high quality to our customers that Boris Grundl would deliver to you in person. Subtitles are part of that.”

In the past, many subtitle groups made attempts to create subtitles by their own part-time staff. It turned out that creating high-quality subtitles is an extremely time-consuming process. Further, subtitle creation requires expertise and technical know-how.

Not only the video content needs to be transcribed – which in itself takes a lot of time – but it also needs to be formatted and time-stamped. After hours spent trying to create high-quality subtitles for a video, Hummel’s team knew they would need professional help.

“Speed, quality, and reliability were very important to us. We need to be sure the subtitles meet the quality standards of our video production.”

Using Autosubtitle online to help make subtitles

Autosubtitle Online, an online automatic subtitle generator, can help traditional subtitle groups to add subtitles to videos more quickly and efficiently.

Don’t know how to use an auto subtitle generator? Look! Here is a step-by-step guide.

First, you should have a free account on

After you registered, an account activation email will be sent to your registered email address. Then, you only need to copy the account code and paste it into your sign-in page.

And next, you will enter AutoSubtitle platform. Click the upload icon or paste your ready-to-transcription video URL.

After this, you need to choose the original video languages for auto transcription. If needed, you can choose translation subtitle language as well. But don’t worry, Autosubtitle’s auto-translation service is totally free.

After all settings, you need to wait for a few moments. How long you have to wait is up to the time of your video. But if you don’t want to stare at the generating pages, you can circle the choice “Please email me after the video finished”.

When the transcription finished, you can proofread and edit the subtitles. Also, you can change the subtitle display color, size, background, and the video size and background.

After all things are done, the last step is to save and export your auto subtitled video. Please note that Autosubtitle supports subtitle files download and transcription video download respectively.

In a word, using an auto subtitle generator to creating subtitles is an efficient and cost-saving method.

Know price of Autosubtitle Online. Please click here.

auto subtitle generator

How Do I Join SRT Files to MP4?

Subtitles, Videos March 12, 2021

First, we have to emphasis what is the definition of SRT and MP4.

An SRT file is a text-based subtitle file, which combines a video track to help users understand the video or movie better.

MP4 is a video file. Hence, it is not possible to convert SRT to MP4. However, if you’ve downloaded an MP4 file from the Internet without subtitles, the video or movie can be challenging to understand, especially in a foreign language. This article will recommend the application and subtitle sites to help you to add SRT to MP4 videos.

Ok. Let’s begin!

Part 1. How to add SRT to MP4 with Auto Subtitle Online.

Step 1. Open Auto Subtitle Online website and import MP4 file.

auto subtitle online-add srt to mp4
Import MP4 file first

After you launch a browser, open up the Autosubtitle Online platform “”, then click “Manual“, and click the button behind “Step 1” to browse your computer to import the MP4 files you want. If you’ve open the folder where your files are stored, just directly drag the target files from the folder to the website.

Step 2. Upload SRT file

add srt to mp4-step 2
Import SRT file

After you upload the MP4 file, the next is to import the SRT file. These two steps are required and have to follow the step order. Then you will notice “send email after video is complete.” Click it or not, it is up to you. Next, you can click the button “next step“.

Step 3. Save and download video

add srt to MP4-step 3
Save and download video

Part 2. Other Solutions to Merge SRT with MP4 for Free

Not willing to buy professional software for adding SRT to your video files? Don’t worry as there are a few free solutions as well. Windows Media Player and a host of the online program allow merging SRT with MP4 for free though these free solutions do not offer features like paid software but are decent in their use and functionality. Know more about these methods in the following part of the article.

Solution 1: Add SRT with MP4 by Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is one of the most popularly used programs on devices running on Windows OS. The program supports an array of functions, including adding SRT with MP4. Using Windows Media Player, SRT can be added as a separate file to your desired MP4 video, but for this, you need first to install the playback codecs of SRT and MPEG4. To get all the codecs required for free, you can download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack from the Internet.

Step 1: Download the desired MP4 as well as the SRT file and rename both the files with the same name (different extension though).

Step 2: Move both the files in a single folder (one will be a video file, and the other will be the same file with .SRT extension).

Step 3: Open Windows Media Player on your PC and play the desired video. Once the video starts playing, right-click the bar at the top near the Media player. Select “Lyrics, captions, and subtitles” > “On if available.”

Solution 2: Use Wondershare UniConverter merge SRT to MP4

Step 1: Import the MP4 video to Wondershare UniConverter.

After you launch this app, just go to the Video Converter section, and click the Add files icon in Wondershare UniConverter button to browse your computer to import the MP4 files you want. If you’ve open the folder where your files are stored, just directly drag the target files from the folder to the program.

Step 2: Click Subtitle to browse and load SRT files from your computer or download the subtitles online.

Hit the Effect icon below each video. When you enter into the editing interface, you can notice there are five tabs on the top. Just hit the Subtitle tab, click the  button to browse and load SRT files from your computer. Here, you can also do other settings like size, color, etc. When everything is done, just hit OK to confirm it.

Note: Before exporting your files, you’d better preview the effect in the viewing window on the right side of its main interface. Just hit the video item in the pane and then press the “Play” button under the preview window.

Step 3: Click Convert to merge SRT files with the mp4 video.

When you’re satisfied with the effect, you can export the new file. First, make sure the “Format” icon appears “MP4” format, or you have to click the Output Format: on the right side to select the MP4 from the format list as its output formats. Of course, you want to save the files in other formats, just select the format you want here. After that, press the Start All button to convert SRT subtitles to MP4 videos. When it’s over, you can find the new MP4 file with the SRT subtitle in the output folder.

How Can I Add Subtitles To A Video Without Any Software?

Subtitles March 1, 2021
add subtitles without software

Are you looking for a tool that can add subtitles to your video? Do you feel worried about the privacy disclosure and security matters, if you set up the software on your PC? Don’t worry! Choose an online auto subtitle generator. All the problems will disappear.

Auto Subtitle Online (web site: is an online subtitle generator. Users can generate and edit subtitles without downloading any software to their laptops or desktop.

How to use?

First, you need to create an account on Auto Subtitle Online. Having an account is to store your generated videos. In case you want to re-edit after saved, this step is necessary.

Then, upload the video or paste the video URL at our Platform.

Next step you should do is to choose the right original or translational language of the video.

After this ,you can click the “next” button and wait for a while.

Hooray!!!! Check the generated subtitles at My Work. Then proofread and edit your subtitles.

Don’t forget to save and export videos! Also, you can download SRT files if you need it. Then, you can upload or use it anywhere you want.

Thanks for reading!

Create a new account at Autosubtitle Online to get the coupon.

add subtitles without software

Add subtitles to your YouTube videos directly–>

How Do I Get Subtitles for Audio?

Subtitles February 25, 2021
subtitles for audio

Is there any tool that can transcribe audio to text? The answer is sure indeed. Are you seeking an online tool that can auto-generate subtitles for audio or video? Look here, here is one. Autosubtitle Online is quite the right choice.

Autosubtitle Online supports audio and video transcribed to text. You can use our online tool to auto-add subtitles to your videos. Another you can transcribe the lecture audio into text directly.

How to Subtitle the Audio?

1. Upload or drag your audio files to Autosubtitle

Upload or drag your audio or video files to our website. Subtitles will then be generated automatically using AI software. But, before you upload files, create an account is essential.

Supported format: mp4, wav, avi, flv, mov, mp3

2. Automatically generate subtitle / closed caption

Subtitles are automatically generated from your file. Also, automatically translate your subtitles to 30+ languages. Please note that Autosubtitle’s auto-translation is totally free for all users. You only need to pay for the transcription after you used up the complimentary time.

3. Check and export

After subtitles generated, and then you need to proofread your subtitles with our advanced subtitle editor. And next, export in MP4, SRT, Text…

If your file is in video format, you may have more possibility to make changes to the subtitle style. For example, change the subtitle font, color, background…

subtitles for audio

In conclusion

Get subtitles for audio is very simple and easy. Moreover, if you want to know how to add auto subtitles to videos, check this article.

>>How to automatically add subtitles to video online free?

autosubtitle bonus for new

Want to add subtitles to your YouTube video?

Try this tool->

How to Work with Auto Online Caption Generator

Subtitles February 12, 2021
auto caption online generator

Do you know Online caption generator

Online Caption Generator, as the name implies, is an online tool that can help users to generate captions for their videos. Automatic Online is an automatic online caption generator, which is better to add captions and subtitles. Because it uses Artificial Intelligence to generate captions, time-saving, convenient, fast, less-costly…

Are captioning your files harder than tunneling through a concrete wall with a rock hammer? Then worry no more! With AutoSubtitle you can now easily caption your video and audio files to text, all done automatically.

But how is this all possible? Great question! Using the power of tiny electronic Oompa Loompas that we place in your computer (shipping and handling sold separately), and artificial intelligence, we’ve made it possible for you to automatically caption and edit your files.

How to use online caption generator

You can follow the steps to auto generate your caption online.

First, create an account at AutoSubtitle Online.

Second, upload your video.

Third, choose your video language or target langugae.

And next, automated generated captions. This step may take several seconds. It depends on how long your video is.

Then, proofread the transcript and amend little errors.

Last, save and export.

In conclusion

After these steps, you will get a video with captions. But if you want to obtain the SRT files separately, you can download the SRT here.

online caption SRT files download
Download caption files separately

You can upload the SRT files to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook…Any other social media platform if you want.

Wish you all a nice day! See you next week.

What’s the best font for subtitles?

Subtitles February 6, 2021
best fonts for subtitles

Various auto subtitles tools have arisen in the subtitling market. Subtitles are becoming more and more important. A good subtitle style is also an essential part of your video. But do you know how to choose the best font for your subtitles?

Adding subtitles on top of the video is one thing, but making your subtitles readable and perfectly in sync with your video is a bit of an art and a science.

Choosing the right font for your subtitles can be a little confusing, but don’t worry, this article will quickly and easily help you decide which font would be best for your video subtitles.

autosubtitle online-best font for subtitles
Autosubtitle-Best font for subtitles-Arial

Top 5 most common subtitle fonts used for video

  1. Arial: The Arial font is the most commonly used subtitle font across a wide variety of videos. Arial has been the default font for Window OS until 2007 so most people recognize it and are aware of it.
  2. Helvetica: Helvetica was developed in 1957 so it has been around for a really long time. It’s now the recommended font for Apple devices.
  3. Roboto: Roboto is the default font on Android and most Google services products (Google Play, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Images).
  4. Archivo: Archivo is less popular because it is quite large. If you want a larger font so your viewers really see the subtitles, this is the font for you. Less elegant but at least your audience will see it.
  5. Tiresias Infofront: Tiresias is a family of fonts that was designed for people with impaired vision. Tiresias Infofront is quite well known and is also the official font of the BBC.

Best practices when choosing subtitle fonts

There are several things to consider when you choose a font for your subtitles.

  1. Make sure to use a readable font
  2. Choose a color that contrasts with your video
  3. Position your subtitles so that they are clearly visible but don’t cover the video

Your subtitles should be so easy to read enough that your viewers forget that they are even reading them!

To quickly and easily add subtitles you can use AutoSubtitle Online. Autosubtitle allows you to customize your subtitles by choosing fonts, font colors, background colors, and positioning.

How to Burn in Subtitles to Your YouTube Videos Online

Subtitles February 5, 2021
burn subtitles to youtube video

Do you want to promote your social video engagement? Or have you ever regarded burning in subtitles to your social videos?

Burn in subtitles to YouTube videos online in 3 steps

Adding subtitles doesn’t only expand the global reach of your content, or allowing people from other countries who speak other languages can easily and better understand your video, but it can also help your audience to know if there are any type of audio issues and it’s not quite clear what’s being said.

But performing such a task is not so easy, right? Traditionally, yes – it’d require some sort of professional editing software, which could prove time-consuming, costly, and even sometimes dangerous if you didn’t download it from a trusted source.

However, things are much more straightforward now. You can burn your own subtitles into a video, online and for free. An Equipment which has internet and browser. Here goes!

1: Paste YouTube video URL to Autosubtitle

2: Brun in subtitles to video

3: Save and download the video

Paste YouTube URL to AutoSubtitle

First, open any browser and head over to YouTube. Finding any video you want to burn in subtitles. Then copy the URL.

copy the youtube video url
copy the YouTube video URL

Next, open a new tab, search “AutoSubtitle Online”, click “Platform“(click and turn to Autosubtitle platform). Absolutely, you should have an account of Autosubtitle first. Sign in or sign up, then paste the video URL to the block below. And next is to click the button “Start”.

paste the youtube url
sign in and paste the URL

Only need to wait for a second, the YouTube video can be recognized by the Autosubtitle system.

recognize youtube video url
recognize YouTube video URL

Burn in subtitles to Video

Hooray!!! Video is recognized successfully. The most essential part is coming.

Choose the transcription type: the normal quality or an advanced one.

Then CONFIRM the language spoken in the video.

Click the button “Next“, to begin the subtitles’ generation~~~

choose subtitle language to burn in your youtube video
choose language and start auto subtitle

Only need several seconds, the subtitles can be generated well. Next, you should do is to correct the little error and proofread the subtitles.

editing subtitles
Editing the subtitles

After you rectified the subtitles, you can change the subtitle style. You can change the subtitles’ font family, size, color… Also, you can change the video’s look, such as resolution and background.

change subtitle style
change the style of subtitles

Save and Download the video

The last step, save your changes and export the videos. You can download the SRT files separately. And also you can download the video which is burned in subtitles.

single srt download
single SRT download

export first
export video first

download the video
download the video

How Do I Put Subtitles on Automatic?

Subtitles January 29, 2021
how to put subtitles on automatic

Automatic Subtitle Generator


automatic subtitles

Automatic Subtitles

With Autosubtitle you can automatically generate subtitles for your videos and then render them into the video permanently (hardcode subtitles), or download them as a separate subtitle file (SRT, TXT, etc.) Our auto-subtitle maker uses artificial intelligence technology to generate your subtitles with almost 90% accuracy. What’s more, combined with our simple yet powerful video editor, Autosubtitle is the best one to automatically subtitle your videos online.

Why automatic subtitle?

ACCESSIBILITY– Government and educational videos must be transcribed and captioned, in order to provide an equivalent experience for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

SOCIAL VIDEOS– More than 80% of all videos consumed on mobile, like Facebook videos, are watched without audio. With subtitles, you can grab viewers’ attention and get your message across.

ENGAGEMENT– Subtitling your videos automatically takes just one click. But it adds a text element to your video and improves viewer engagement.

Tip: If your content appeared on U.S. television on or after September 30, 2012, it might require closed captions. More…

-YouTube Support

Autosubtitle Features

Automatic subtitles: provides you with an auto subtitle generator like YouTube, but we give you the option to burn the text into the video, or save the subtitles as a separate file (SRT, TXT, etc.)

Fast transcription: generate subtitles for your videos in seconds. A single click and our speech-recognition software will transcribe your video automatically, saving you hours in manual transcription

Subtitle styles: professionally designed subtitle styles that make your video editing experience fast and easy. Furthermore, you can change font, size, position, letter spacing, and more.

Accurate and easy to use: best-in-class, and for 90% accuracy, you can quickly & easily make edits to the text. Moreover, thanks to our AI subtitle software there will never be too much text on the screen.

How to put subtitles on automatic

Following is a guide for you to add automatic subtitles to your videos.


First step, upload your video;

Second step, choose the original language of the video;

Third step, choose the translation language of the video (Optional);

Fourth step, generate automatic subtitles;

Fifth step, edit and proofread the subtitles;

Finally, export and save.

Hope you have a great journey when you using Autosubtitle Online!

For specific details, please check this article.👇

How to automatically add subtitles to video online free?

autosubtitle bonus for new