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How Do I Join SRT Files to MP4?

Subtitles, Videos March 12, 2021

First, we have to emphasis what is the definition of SRT and MP4.

An SRT file is a text-based subtitle file, which combines a video track to help users understand the video or movie better.

MP4 is a video file. Hence, it is not possible to convert SRT to MP4. However, if you’ve downloaded an MP4 file from the Internet without subtitles, the video or movie can be challenging to understand, especially in a foreign language. This article will recommend the application and subtitle sites to help you to add SRT to MP4 videos.

Ok. Let’s begin!

Part 1. How to add SRT to MP4 with Auto Subtitle Online.

Step 1. Open Auto Subtitle Online website and import MP4 file.

auto subtitle online-add srt to mp4
Import MP4 file first

After you launch a browser, open up the Autosubtitle Online platform “”, then click “Manual“, and click the button behind “Step 1” to browse your computer to import the MP4 files you want. If you’ve open the folder where your files are stored, just directly drag the target files from the folder to the website.

Step 2. Upload SRT file

add srt to mp4-step 2
Import SRT file

After you upload the MP4 file, the next is to import the SRT file. These two steps are required and have to follow the step order. Then you will notice “send email after video is complete.” Click it or not, it is up to you. Next, you can click the button “next step“.

Step 3. Save and download video

add srt to MP4-step 3
Save and download video

Part 2. Other Solutions to Merge SRT with MP4 for Free

Not willing to buy professional software for adding SRT to your video files? Don’t worry as there are a few free solutions as well. Windows Media Player and a host of the online program allow merging SRT with MP4 for free though these free solutions do not offer features like paid software but are decent in their use and functionality. Know more about these methods in the following part of the article.

Solution 1: Add SRT with MP4 by Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is one of the most popularly used programs on devices running on Windows OS. The program supports an array of functions, including adding SRT with MP4. Using Windows Media Player, SRT can be added as a separate file to your desired MP4 video, but for this, you need first to install the playback codecs of SRT and MPEG4. To get all the codecs required for free, you can download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack from the Internet.

Step 1: Download the desired MP4 as well as the SRT file and rename both the files with the same name (different extension though).

Step 2: Move both the files in a single folder (one will be a video file, and the other will be the same file with .SRT extension).

Step 3: Open Windows Media Player on your PC and play the desired video. Once the video starts playing, right-click the bar at the top near the Media player. Select “Lyrics, captions, and subtitles” > “On if available.”

Solution 2: Use Wondershare UniConverter merge SRT to MP4

Step 1: Import the MP4 video to Wondershare UniConverter.

After you launch this app, just go to the Video Converter section, and click the Add files icon in Wondershare UniConverter button to browse your computer to import the MP4 files you want. If you’ve open the folder where your files are stored, just directly drag the target files from the folder to the program.

Step 2: Click Subtitle to browse and load SRT files from your computer or download the subtitles online.

Hit the Effect icon below each video. When you enter into the editing interface, you can notice there are five tabs on the top. Just hit the Subtitle tab, click the  button to browse and load SRT files from your computer. Here, you can also do other settings like size, color, etc. When everything is done, just hit OK to confirm it.

Note: Before exporting your files, you’d better preview the effect in the viewing window on the right side of its main interface. Just hit the video item in the pane and then press the “Play” button under the preview window.

Step 3: Click Convert to merge SRT files with the mp4 video.

When you’re satisfied with the effect, you can export the new file. First, make sure the “Format” icon appears “MP4” format, or you have to click the Output Format: on the right side to select the MP4 from the format list as its output formats. Of course, you want to save the files in other formats, just select the format you want here. After that, press the Start All button to convert SRT subtitles to MP4 videos. When it’s over, you can find the new MP4 file with the SRT subtitle in the output folder.

Why video business is important for the company?

Videos December 14, 2020
why video business

Why should we do video business online?

In 2020, the way we get information has changed a lot. Ten years ago, we got fashion trends, public news, an anecdote from the web search, the newspaper, the magazines… But with the development of smartphones and the upgrade of networks, most of us receive information via social media by blog or vlog.

People would like to watch videos rather than reading text.

Obviously, everyone has watched videos on YouTube, and almost all people, like you and me, have liked the pictures, or stories on Instagram and Facebook. And maybe some of you also like to share your spare time on TikTok, which has appeared and grown in recent 3 years.

No matter which application you used, it shows that it is time for Videos Business. Your grandpa may watch news feed on Facebook. It is an online video. And your mom will watch the series on YouTube. That is video business too. Your undergraduate brother may watch the splendid shots moment of NBA on Instagram stories. Video too. And you may find some hitting-the-mind ideas for your next Vlogs on TikTok. Definitely, the short video is a video business as well.

We pay more attention to the videos, even it is without sound. [Why subtitle is important for video?] Because the video can give us the most direct and rapid information in a short time. Because most young men are busy with living, they do not have much time to read 3 minutes or 5 minutes article which is full of redundant description, while they can view a short video in 30 seconds to get the same message.

Social media have occupied much more time than you expect.

Let’s focus on the average daily using time on social media around the globe first.

  • North America: 2 hrs and 6 mins.

  • South America: 3 hrs and 24 mins.

  • Africa: 3 hrs and 10 mins.

  • Europe: 1 hr and 15 mins.

  • Asia/Oceania: 2 hrs and 16 mins.

(All the data is from

In 2020, WHO has estimated that the global average lifespan is 72 years, and if we assume a person starting his social media life as 10 years old, that means the person will use  3,462,390 minutes on social media during his whole lifespan.

Bureau of Labour Statistics data shows that people spend more time on social media than on some other real-life activities. (Pic cr.

time spent in lifespan-video business
Average time spent in a lifetime(


Social media will continue to influence our life. And short video business will continue to be the trend in the following 2 years. Catch the trend is what seizes Pluto.