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How to use subtitles to learn a foreign language

Subtitles November 11, 2021

Since an explicit goal of language learning is to have the option of understanding the locals, it is important to be aware of real media and the discourse of the locals. For beginners, this is often overly challenging. Fortunately, subtitling makes this kind of content conceivable even for amateurs. You can decide to make captioned content as easy or challenging as you need it to be, so it’s ideal for everyone.

If you want to make your viewing easy, you can basically view as you watch – it’s that simple! If you want a more noteworthy or greater challenge, you can deliberately turn off or ignore the subtitles for a limited time. You can focus on the language of communication while realizing that if you need help, the subtitles are right there hanging on tight for you.

In addition, watching captioned content is an easy way to transition to observing only in the target language. If you haven’t observed a lot of authentic content before, you’re likely to be overwhelmed, regardless of whether you’ve been learning the language for a considerable amount of time.

If you start by watching captioned content, you can get the right stuff you need to understand real speech in a more stable, less intimidating, and very interesting context. Likewise, you can choose between subtitles in the local language or subtitles in the target language.

How Subtitles Help in Learning a Foreign Language

#1 Grow your vocabulary

Perhaps the greatest benefit of watching foreign films is the insight you gain into the growth of the language. However, not only will you gain proficiency with unique conversational expressions and spoken arrangements, but you will also encounter them in context.

Often, this can be difficult to dominate and requires time spent bantering with others who communicate in that language. Watching foreign films with subtitles can speed up this learning process.

#2 Subtitles Increase Reading Speed and Listening Comprehension

use subtitles to learn a foreign language
Pic cr.TechNorm

Being able to understand and organize what you see and hear is perhaps the most difficult part of learning another dialect. When locals speak, the sound units of speech connect quickly and are often undefined to the untrained ear.

Unlike language learning applications or unknown dialect courses, movies with subtitles play at a similar speed to typical conversations. For new dialect learners, this may feel fast. The benefit of this is that it will expand your listening awareness and help improve your reading speed.

#3 Visual Nature of Movies Adds an Extra Impact

Movies play an important role in learning another dialect. The visual component of the movie helps support listening comprehension while reviewing vocabulary. In addition to new vocabulary, you can relate to it through visuals.

This means that people can learn more when watching a movie with subtitles than when simply paying attention to the sound. Another part of the visual idea of the film is the inspiration it brings to language learning students. When contrasted with flipping through to form a cheat sheet, movies feel like a treat.

#4 Subtitles Improve Word Recognition and Grammar

While you may know a way to say regular words like lunch or hotel, the movie opens your eyes to new ways of expressing them. Some of them may be more normal than the regular words you’ve learned. In what way? Often, unfamiliar movies use less formal slang that is normal among native speakers.

Reading subtitles is an incredible way for viewers to grow their jargon. Reading subtitles while they are playing on the screen also further improves grammar. Use the opportunity to take a breather and stop to examine the subtitles on the screen. This helps language learners distinguish and understand verb types, tenses, and phrases. Seeing another dialect in this on-the-fly manner promotes better comprehension.

In conclusion

Subtitles in foreign dialects are mostly a more powerful exam aid than subtitles in the local language. If you are a beginner, you will likely need subtitles in the local language from the beginning until you reach a point where you can adapt to having both the soundtrack and the subtitles in an unknown dialect.

If you’re watching a movie, TV show, or some other material featuring an unknown dialect, it’s better to have subtitles than no subtitles at all. Two other adaptations are conversion captioning, where the unknown dialect captions appear with the local language soundtrack, and double captioning, where the unknown dialect soundtrack appears with both unfamiliar and local language captions.

Your choice of subtitles may change over time as your unknown dialect abilities develop. Again, different people tend to have different subtitles, so try to perceive what works for you.

The primary concern you should have regarding learning is to expand the amount of time you spend absorbing material in your unknown dialect. Therefore, when choosing which subtitles to use, choose ones that increase your inspiration to watch things in your unknown dialect, because the more material you watch, the more you will learn.

What’s the best font for subtitles?

Subtitles February 6, 2021
best fonts for subtitles

Various auto subtitles tools have arisen in the subtitling market. Subtitles are becoming more and more important. A good subtitle style is also an essential part of your video. But do you know how to choose the best font for your subtitles?

Adding subtitles on top of the video is one thing, but making your subtitles readable and perfectly in sync with your video is a bit of an art and a science.

Choosing the right font for your subtitles can be a little confusing, but don’t worry, this article will quickly and easily help you decide which font would be best for your video subtitles.

autosubtitle online-best font for subtitles
Autosubtitle-Best font for subtitles-Arial

Top 5 most common subtitle fonts used for video

  1. Arial: The Arial font is the most commonly used subtitle font across a wide variety of videos. Arial has been the default font for Window OS until 2007 so most people recognize it and are aware of it.
  2. Helvetica: Helvetica was developed in 1957 so it has been around for a really long time. It’s now the recommended font for Apple devices.
  3. Roboto: Roboto is the default font on Android and most Google services products (Google Play, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Images).
  4. Archivo: Archivo is less popular because it is quite large. If you want a larger font so your viewers really see the subtitles, this is the font for you. Less elegant but at least your audience will see it.
  5. Tiresias Infofront: Tiresias is a family of fonts that was designed for people with impaired vision. Tiresias Infofront is quite well known and is also the official font of the BBC.

Best practices when choosing subtitle fonts

There are several things to consider when you choose a font for your subtitles.

  1. Make sure to use a readable font
  2. Choose a color that contrasts with your video
  3. Position your subtitles so that they are clearly visible but don’t cover the video

Your subtitles should be so easy to read enough that your viewers forget that they are even reading them!

To quickly and easily add subtitles you can use AutoSubtitle Online. Autosubtitle allows you to customize your subtitles by choosing fonts, font colors, background colors, and positioning.

How to Burn in Subtitles to Your YouTube Videos Online

Subtitles February 5, 2021
burn subtitles to youtube video

Do you want to promote your social video engagement? Or have you ever regarded burning in subtitles to your social videos?

Burn in subtitles to YouTube videos online in 3 steps

Adding subtitles doesn’t only expand the global reach of your content, or allowing people from other countries who speak other languages can easily and better understand your video, but it can also help your audience to know if there are any type of audio issues and it’s not quite clear what’s being said.

But performing such a task is not so easy, right? Traditionally, yes – it’d require some sort of professional editing software, which could prove time-consuming, costly, and even sometimes dangerous if you didn’t download it from a trusted source.

However, things are much more straightforward now. You can burn your own subtitles into a video, online and for free. An Equipment which has internet and browser. Here goes!

1: Paste YouTube video URL to Autosubtitle

2: Brun in subtitles to video

3: Save and download the video

Paste YouTube URL to AutoSubtitle

First, open any browser and head over to YouTube. Finding any video you want to burn in subtitles. Then copy the URL.

copy the youtube video url
copy the YouTube video URL

Next, open a new tab, search “AutoSubtitle Online”, click “Platform“(click and turn to Autosubtitle platform). Absolutely, you should have an account of Autosubtitle first. Sign in or sign up, then paste the video URL to the block below. And next is to click the button “Start”.

paste the youtube url
sign in and paste the URL

Only need to wait for a second, the YouTube video can be recognized by the Autosubtitle system.

recognize youtube video url
recognize YouTube video URL

Burn in subtitles to Video

Hooray!!! Video is recognized successfully. The most essential part is coming.

Choose the transcription type: the normal quality or an advanced one.

Then CONFIRM the language spoken in the video.

Click the button “Next“, to begin the subtitles’ generation~~~

choose subtitle language to burn in your youtube video
choose language and start auto subtitle

Only need several seconds, the subtitles can be generated well. Next, you should do is to correct the little error and proofread the subtitles.

editing subtitles
Editing the subtitles

After you rectified the subtitles, you can change the subtitle style. You can change the subtitles’ font family, size, color… Also, you can change the video’s look, such as resolution and background.

change subtitle style
change the style of subtitles

Save and Download the video

The last step, save your changes and export the videos. You can download the SRT files separately. And also you can download the video which is burned in subtitles.

single srt download
single SRT download

export first
export video first

download the video
download the video

What is the difference between closed captions and subtitles?

Subtitles January 12, 2021
difference between cc and subtitles

What is Closed Captions and Subtitles

Closed captioning (CC) and subtitling are both processes of displaying text on a televisionvideo screen, or other visual display to provide additional or interpretive information. Both are typically used as a transcription of the audio portion of a program as it occurs (either verbatim or in edited form), sometimes including descriptions of non-speech elements. Other uses have included providing a textual alternative language translation of a presentation’s primary audio language that is usually burned-in (or “open”) to the video and unselectable.”

Closed Captions, aks. CC.

Transcription or translation of the dialogue, sound effects, relevant musical cues, and other relevant audio information when sound is unavailable or not clearly audible

-from Wiki


Transcription or translation of the dialogue when sound is available but not understood” by the viewer

-from Wiki

Difference between Closed Captions and Subtitles

The main difference between captions and subtitles is this. Subtitles are intended for viewers who can’t understand the language being spoken versus captions which are intended for viewers who can’t hear the audio.

Captions include all the sounds such as [laughter], [applause], and things like [car horn]. Basically, any spoken word and any non-speech elements are displayed in text form at the bottom of the screen. So that those with hearing disabilities can follow along with the video much more easily. Note that captions come in two forms: closed captions and open captions. This article explains the difference between open captions and closed captions.

Subtitles on the other hand are only a text display of spoken words. They don’t include any sound effects. They are for viewers who can hear audio, but cannot understand the language spoken. Video subtitles are often referred to as translations. Users can usually select subtitles by clicking the same CC icon they would use to turn on captions.


-Identify speakers

-Do not include non-speech sound elements

-Move when they cover up things in the video

-Include non-speech sound elements


-Translates audio into other languages

-Do not include non-speech sound elements

Are video subtitles the same around the world?

In the United States and Canada captions and subtitles follow what we have described above. In the United Kingdom and many other countries, the definition of subtitles and captions is murky. You can use the words subtitles and captions interchangeably. Regardless, both subtitles and captions are designed to make the video easier to consume regardless of who is watching, they mean different things around the world.

If you are in need of closed captions or subtitles and want an easy tool, try Autosubtitle is the only subtitle generator that can transcripts subtitles automatically and manually, and provide free translation, noise reduction tech, and the most important thing is that Autosubtitle is the cheapest one in the subtitling market.

Autosubtitle online
Autosubtitle online

autosubtitle bonus for new

What’s the benefits of subtitling a video?

Subtitles December 31, 2020
benefits of subtitling

Every day over 2 billion videos are streamed on YouTube. And 1.4 billion users are watching videos on Facebook. Videos become more and more influential which can easily attract the audience. Staying ahead of the game on streaming platforms by producing useful and attractive content is one of the most efficient ways for businesses to gain global exposure.

However, how could we improve the video content? Adding subtitles to videos is an excellent way to catch the eyes of more audience. Here are some of the benefits of subtitling, and how they help in expanding the reach of your content.

Benefits of subtitling a video

1. SEO Improvement

Adding subtitles to your YouTube content immediately flips the switch in your favor, as the YouTube algorithm ranks your videos higher in the search results when you have captions and subtitles in your videos since search engines are not capable of understanding the context of your videos without subtitles.

benefits of subtitling-seo
Benefits of subtitling-YouTube engine SEO

By accessing the embedded subtitles, search engines are able to understand what the video is all about. Thus, search engine can rank your videos by using the keywords of your videos so that to help you in reaching the proper audience.

2. Expanding your reach

One of the major benefits of subtitling is to help a wider audience access your content. For instance, subtitles make your videos easier for those who have trouble in hearing to enjoy your videos.

Within subtitles also means that the user has no need to know which original language you spoke in your videos, but they can understand and enjoy it by watching your videos subtitles. In order to reach more people, you could use bilingual subtitles to reach the international audience.

3. Enhanced viewing experience

The other benefits of subtitling to videos is to enhance the audience’s viewing experience. Subtitles has played a significant role in this way. When streaming videos during commuting or traveling, or in a bus or train, these public places need mute your mobile, so that you cannot listen to the audio of your video. However, subtitled videos can avoid the problem better.

4. Marketing yourself or brand

Subtitled videos can help companies and brands reach more international audience without producing separate content for different regions in different languages.

Adding subtitles is an economical way to gain a global customer base. For example, a mobile manufacturer in China can produce one instructional video on a product in Chinese. But can provide subtitling options in over 20 languages, which can help customers in other countries understand the content.

Another, for video blogger, like John Zhang, he spoke Chinese in his video, but he added English subtitles on the video for his both Chinese fans and international fans. If he did not add subtitles or captions on his videos, the non-Chinese speakers would not know him. This is also the benefits of subtitling a video.

benefits of subtitling- global audience
Benefits of subtitling- global audience


In conclusion, we have explored a few out of the many benefits of subtitling to your video content. Thus, we can clearly understand that it has a relatively positive effect in helping your content reach a wider audience. Autosubtitle Online helps you to automatically generate subtitles for your videos online for free. Moreover, Autosubtitle Online provides more than 30+ languages’ free translation as well. Don’t miss us!

Want to know how to use Autosubtitle Online? Click here to know more.

How to automatically add subtitles to video online free?

Subtitles December 25, 2020
How to add automatic subtitles-cover

I am working as a website operation. In the past, I got the latest news and updates from the forum. Everyday reading takes me a lot of time. But since the growth of short video, I changed my way to get industry information. Also, I noticed that in some popular science and professional field, videos are always companied with subtitles. In that case, if you have a need in making videos, this article will tell you how to automatically create subtitles for your videos.

In order to add subtitles to your video automatically, you need to prepare:

  • A video (Max size 512 M)
  • An account of AutoSubtitle.Online (Free)
  • Several minutes of your time (How long you will take is depending on your video time)

Catalog: AUTOMATICally add subtitles to a video.

  1. Create an account on AutoSubtitle. online (It’s free)
  2. Upload your video or paste your video’s URL
  3. Select video language (If you need translation, you can choose your target language. It’s free, too.)
  4. Automatically generate subtitles
  5. Edit your video and/or subtitles
  6. Save and export your automatic subtitles or videos
  7. Download your subtitles or videos

I want to share a Christmas video with my friends. But they are not English speakers. I need to add subtitles to my video so that they can understand me clearly. Here is an example, please follow me and get started with your automatic subtitle journey.

1. Create an account on

In order to create and add subtitles to your video, you will need to use a subtitle generator like AutoSubtitle Online. To use AutoSubtitle’s Subtitle Generator you will need to create an account. Please no worries, it’s free and AutoSubtitle offers a free trial for all new users.

2. Upload your video or paste your video’s URL

Once you have created your Autosubtitle account, click the Automatic button, and click the Upload button, browse your video files and upload it on the platform.

Or paste your video’s URL. AutoSubtitle Online can recognize the most popular video platforms’ URLs such as YouTube, Vimeo …

uplaod your video or paste your video's url
Upload your videos

3. Select video language for automatic subtitles

AutoSubtitle Online uses Artificial Intelligence to convert the audio of your video into subtitles. So it’s very important that you select the right source language for your video. This way, you will increase the quality of your automatically generated subtitles. As the audio to text conversion is provided by a machine, you may need to review and correct details and small errors in your subtitles.

Here, there are two versions for you to choose from. One is the Normal, and the other is the Enhanced. The enhanced version is much accurate than the Normal one. But the Normal one can also meet the basic requirement. And if you want to enlarge your audience, you can also click the Translation button. AutoSubtitle’s translation is totally free, no matter you are a free account or a paid account.

By the way, we advise you to click the email notice. After you clicked, the Autosubtitle Online system will send you an email after the subtitles have been generated.

4. Automatically add subtitles to video

Once you have uploaded your video file and selected the right language, simply click on the button “Next“. It will take you a little while to fully convert your video into subtitles. If you have clicked the email sending notice at step 3, you can leave this page and do something else. After you receive the successfully generated email, you can get back to the “My Videos” page.

5. Edit your video and/or automatic subtitles online

After automatic subtitles have been generated. You can make some changes at the AutoSubtitle’s platform. You can change your video’s type, maybe it is for Ins stories, IGTV, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or Snapchat. AutoSubtitle Online has listed the video display sizes of the most popular social media. You can easily change it. You can correct the wording of your subtitles and change the timecode of each line to make them perfectly synced to your video. And also, you can edit the subtitles’ background, font color, font position, and font size.

6. Save and export your subtitles or videos

When you finish the adjustment, you need “Save” at first. And then you can “Export” your video. Please notice, you have to choose your video display size again when you export the video. Don’t forget to do it. If you want to backup the subtitles files, you can click the “Download subtitles” button.

7. Download your automatic subtitles or videos

Once you Save > Export, you just need to wait patiently for a few seconds or minutes, it depends on your video length. After Export successfully, you can check your video on the “Export” page. Finally, “Download” the video and upload it to your social platforms.

Tadaaaaaaaaa! Congrats! Good reputation and engagement!

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The most efficient auto subtitles generator free online

Subtitles December 14, 2020
auto subtitle generator img

What is the most efficient and cheapest auto subtitles generator?

Are you still subtitling your video by hearing and typing?

Do you feel tired of subtitling your long video?

Have you found a tool or method to subtitle your video all the time?

Do you want to have a tool that can automatically generate subtitles for your video? And this tool is totally online, fully free, and completely easy to use.

Yep!!!! It is AutoSubtitle Online, an online auto subtitles generator. It can generate subtitles for your video automatically.

AutoSubtitle team’s automatic subtitling technology is based on Artificial Intelligence(AI) tech, combined with Google Translation API, and integrated with self-developed video and audio track tech.

auto subtitles generator plaftform
AutoSubtitle Online Editing Interface

Modern subtitling tools are few and far between. Most subtitling tools are old, desktop-based software that doesn’t make it easy and fast to create subtitles for your videos. However, there is one that stands out from the rest:AutoSubtitle.Online

AutoSubtitle is the best-automated transcription, translation, and subtitling platform in the US. The all-in-one platform makes creating subtitles super easy.

Simply upload your video file to AutoSubtitle and you’ll get a full transcript in less than 3 minutes. From there you can translate to more than 30 languages and then create subtitles in each language. You can also customize the color, font, size, and background of your subtitles.

Why Autosubtitle is the most efficient and cheapest auto subtitles generator?

  • A. The process with Autosubtitle starts with the automatic transcription of your video. Autosubtitle transcription accuracy is approximately up to 95%.
  • B. Autosubtitle is an online and cloud-based software. It means you can use Autosubtitle anywhere, anytime, and on any device, such as a mobile, a tablet, or a PC.
  • C. Autosubtitle’s user interface makes all the process of adding subtitles to videos become easy and fast.
  • D. Autosubtitle inserts the auto-translation function. Users can translate subtitles in more than 30 languages.
  • E. Timecodes from your video is automatically synced to the text, so you can manually adjust your subtitles to perfection.
  • F. Personalized your videos and subtitles. Autosubtitle enables users to change the size of the videos. Not only that, users can customize the video background. Also, subtitles can be personalized, such as changing subtitle font color, font size, font style…
  • G. Autosubtitle enables users to add subtitles manually. Import your own subtitles directly to match your videos. Format support: SRT, ASS, TXT…
  • H. Autosubtitle has developed a function “Noise Reduction”, which is specially designed for those whose videos have high volume background music or noise.
  • I. Autosubtitle has the best price in the automatic transcription field. Learn Price Compare here.

How to use Autosubtitle online to Create Auto Subtitles

  • Upload your video to Autosubtitle Online;
  • Edit and correct your transcript;
  • Click “Settings” and select your desired subtitle character length and duration;
  • Customize your subtitle font, color, and style;
  • Add Title/Caption to your videos;
  • Export in variety of formats like SRT or TXT or burn the subtitles directly into your video.

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auto subtitles generator free online