Every day over 2 billion videos are streamed on YouTube. And 1.4 billion users are watching videos on Facebook. Videos become more and more influential which can easily attract the audience. Staying ahead of the game on streaming platforms by producing useful and attractive content is one of the most efficient ways for businesses to gain global exposure.

However, how could we improve the video content? Adding subtitles to videos is an excellent way to catch the eyes of more audience. Here are some of the benefits of subtitling, and how they help in expanding the reach of your content.

Benefits of subtitling a video

1. SEO Improvement

Adding subtitles to your YouTube content immediately flips the switch in your favor, as the YouTube algorithm ranks your videos higher in the search results when you have captions and subtitles in your videos since search engines are not capable of understanding the context of your videos without subtitles.

benefits of subtitling-seo
Benefits of subtitling-YouTube engine SEO

By accessing the embedded subtitles, search engines are able to understand what the video is all about. Thus, search engine can rank your videos by using the keywords of your videos so that to help you in reaching the proper audience.

2. Expanding your reach

One of the major benefits of subtitling is to help a wider audience access your content. For instance, subtitles make your videos easier for those who have trouble in hearing to enjoy your videos.

Within subtitles also means that the user has no need to know which original language you spoke in your videos, but they can understand and enjoy it by watching your videos subtitles. In order to reach more people, you could use bilingual subtitles to reach the international audience.

3. Enhanced viewing experience

The other benefits of subtitling to videos is to enhance the audience’s viewing experience. Subtitles has played a significant role in this way. When streaming videos during commuting or traveling, or in a bus or train, these public places need mute your mobile, so that you cannot listen to the audio of your video. However, subtitled videos can avoid the problem better.

4. Marketing yourself or brand

Subtitled videos can help companies and brands reach more international audience without producing separate content for different regions in different languages.

Adding subtitles is an economical way to gain a global customer base. For example, a mobile manufacturer in China can produce one instructional video on a product in Chinese. But can provide subtitling options in over 20 languages, which can help customers in other countries understand the content.

Another, for video blogger, like John Zhang, he spoke Chinese in his video, but he added English subtitles on the video for his both Chinese fans and international fans. If he did not add subtitles or captions on his videos, the non-Chinese speakers would not know him. This is also the benefits of subtitling a video.

benefits of subtitling- global audience
Benefits of subtitling- global audience


In conclusion, we have explored a few out of the many benefits of subtitling to your video content. Thus, we can clearly understand that it has a relatively positive effect in helping your content reach a wider audience. Autosubtitle Online helps you to automatically generate subtitles for your videos online for free. Moreover, Autosubtitle Online provides more than 30+ languages’ free translation as well. Don’t miss us!

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